1 surefire strategy to identify what’s holding you back and what you can begin doing right now to turn things around so you can feel better: Start a journal and turn it into your best friend

You will get in touch with your feelings and they will bring out an awakening and it will help you recover your authentic self. Write down your thoughts feelings and emotions. This isn’t for a grade this is for your healing and getting past the trauma that is holding you back.

-If you are upset write it.
-If you are scared write it.
-If you are happy write it.

The only way for you to truly feel better in the long run is to begin writing down in this moment right now how you feel. You will release negative feelings and come to discover how some truths you buried we’re only to protect yourself. The good news is you are aware of it now and there isn’t anything that can come to the surface that will hurt you.

Everything you write will allow for Headroom for healing energy. Own how you feel. Own your choices and decisions and move on. The more you are honest with yourself the more you will feel and in turn you will feel better.

Be completely honest in your Journal writings it will become a place where you can turn in times of seeking comfort and it will create an environment that will be a safe place when you feel alone, anxious, scared or worried.

Often in society we are taught that our feelings shouldn’t be felt or expressed that is a lie. It has become normal for us and society to just ignore feelings and as a result most of us suffer because we believe this lie. The truth is though in order to truly go for fulfilled in our relationships, our careers, or in fact every area of our lives you must own your your emotions. They are a natural part of us and they must be felt and experienced and then let go of them. To truly be strong and happy you have to walk in your truth. Writing in your Journal will help you do that.

To get the most out of your journaling follow these steps.

Make it a habit -if we want pearly white teeth we brush our teeth everyday. If you want healthy emotional hygiene you’re going to have to get that negative energy out of you. Do that through writing on a consistent basis in your Journal.

Hold nothing back -practice for what makes perfect the more you get out the better you will be. Make sure you’re honest every time.

Don’t judge yourself -you don’t want anyone to judge you so why would you judge yourself?

Keep it under lock and key -there are critics out there, don’t let them get the best of you.

Develop a strategic advisor and share with that person. They will accept you no matter what.

Commit to and submit to the truth -being honest with yourself is the first step to positive change. The rest is how you carry it out in your life.

As a musician and artist I have implemented this strategy in my life and I am watching it do wonders for me. It can do the same for you with complete honesty.

Journaling is such an important component to being the change that you wish to see in the world. It carries such a tremendous amount of value in every area of your life that I will include questions for your journal in my weekly newsletter. Ask yourself these questions to expand your Consciousness and self-awareness. You will quickly discover why your Journal is your best friend.

I gave you 1 surefire strategy to identify what’s holding you back and what you can begin doing right now to turn things around so you can feel better.

But change is one of life’s constants and you still need a few elements to go with your journal.

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