The Rap Game Was One Big Lie, Until Now that is.

The rap game was one big lie up until now, that is… now every artist must be conscious of his or herself his or her attitude lifestyle and every artist must be conscious of his or herself his or her attitude lifestyle and beliefs.

Since 2009 I’ve been calling out rappers at large. I left out their names to give them the opportunity to correct themselves understanding that they were hurting too. I entered the rap space to Master our . awareness. That has came with a That has came with a cost that I keep charging back to the game in negotiation of more conscious rappers in the next generation

Four years rappers have been trading everything they love and know , for a sense of status, title and power. Including exchanging their souls for the money that his deceive you and I . into believing they had a status a title and power. Yetthe truth is there eyefor an eye tactics were boundto come to light and that’s where I came into play at. Traditionally The idea was the game is to be sold not told. That philosophy quickly few quickly put the rap game at the top of popular culture. . And in control of the mainstream media. Although the upper hand Although the upper hand with prove to come with its challenges. The . more the masses begin seeing through their tactics behavior they had to apply them in order to maintain control. What they feel they calculate into their master plan for world chaos is that A young man who struggle to find his way in the world after being influenced by a lot of it would walk 3443 miles and regain control of his mind body and soul and share his findings with all who took interest in him. Also that he would create away for them to to regain control of their minds body and soul’s as well as the result of his efforts in the rap game, securing it, by loving them coming to a more responsible and productive society.

In 2010 I released a track called “Gotta Infecta.” This song said it all. It established my voice in Hip Hop as an outspoken artist who was onto the schemes of rappers doing evil in the industry. “In this rap game I stay so focused oh so ferocious they’re lame they don’t got any flame their kindergarten I graduated from college. The difference between them and me is I solve problems they solve problems with guns. Having more fun than the Vikings in the Superdome these other rappers are clones. . I’m a dog I’m so skilled I will get my bones. Leave no evidence I’m a little bit crazy to haters who want to play me. I need my medicine…”

From there I went on to begin creating sound medicine that it is so powerful it is strategically healing our lineage.

In 2012 I released The Journey To Find Me; The Real Life of Wes P and decided it was time for me to start addressing some of my choices and decisions. In it I indicated how I would change my life around and add true value to the next generation. With 13 of the most powerful songs ever written, I had a blueprint for hope. With many twists, turns and surprises I had a plot to hem-up the rap game and dismiss the evil doers in the industry if they could not become more conscious of their lifestyles and their influence in which their music has on our youth and popular culture.

On Track number 7, “Keepin’ it Real” I revealed that “The game lacks substance and half of you don’t even know the first thing when it comes to rap ‘Cause the day that I entered you’re going to fear my existence as I chop everyone of you to pieces who don’t know what you are doing and grow to be the greatest lyricist to ever exist…Understand I am a man of my word as I observe what is taking place in today’s music so I am going to spit some of the sickest s*** we’ve ever heard and grow to be the cream of the crop in hip hop…”

On track number 10, Live Larger, Ride Harder I continued… “You move over clowns I am coming to shut s*** down, secure the game like a savings bond. Barry couldn’t handle the grand slams I have to tackle with the microphone. Come on i was once a class clown with a wispy washy mind. I made it through the wish washy stage and I’ll tell you with my rhymes every place I’ve ever been in life, every detail without a sugar coat. From the lines of coke to selling dope to the folks who I knew were slum in the slopes here Is an eye opener for the kids you learn from my mistakes this s*** doesn’t have to take place. Take these words directly from my mouth as I put them to my lips put yourself to work and do it diligently, now take the time to listen to me…”

On Track 11, It’s Miller Time, I share…”Painful or not, Hip Hop Saved My Life with a spark of creativity I almost died searching for…” I add…”My life has been nothing less than a Blessing coming from absolutely To continuously striving for something. Always looking for something else. What you call different I call unique what you call awkward I call classy what you call a reality I call ordinary by now you’d think I was weak in the knees without much help I’ve accomplished more under my belt than an average size scottish man in a kelt. Hear As I go with my spoken word flow straight out of the border the low southeast corner Douglas Arizona home of the bomb marijuana an athletic dynasty and a hotel ghost history if you could see back in high school you’d never knew I’d grow to do what I do. Walking around Douglas High with my head held high slapping everyone’s hands dancing in front of the school making a fool. Hell all I have are memories as I look back and laugh. Good times. Oh what a good life back before I was tatted before I ever was arrested before I had my family and friends devastated when every day I was elated before I ever took a ride in search of my entitlement. Oh Lord have mercy Lord I ask have mercy forgive me of my greed as I mourn and grieve over all the women who have deceived me.

On Track 12, Where I’ve been I added…”I spit to win, I refuse to lose, may the truth set me free a free spirited G that comes with the energy of the energizer bunny…”

I add…”Look how f***ed up my life is here are my three wishes…if I had one wish I’d be known as the greatest. If I had a second wish I’d be the first artist to take a unique approach to marketing and see to it. If I had a third wish I’d defy all of humanity and physics and set off on foot on a coast to coast promotional tour shock the music culture and gain the hearts of fans around the world from Santa Monica, California to Long Island Bayside, New York with three goals. Become the Yoda of Hip Hop and Allocate Capitak and Power.”

On Track 13 in Sack of Rocks, I explain…”spreading my wings for all of those who have felt like I have been broken down and brought up without any love by those who we strongly call Mom and Dad. Have you filled your head with the knowledge of how life works and you’re still walking blind, wondering why? Why when the family portrait on the wall changes why? Why things remain the same? Well one thing I’ve learned is we carry around the hurt in our memories and our hearts and pass it on to our own children who end up strugglin’, survivin’…”

By September 2016 I received the copyrights for I Am That, I Am For The People By The People and publicly released it. After 4 years of production and overcoming many challenges in my home life it hit the market on September 13th. With an adventurous sense of victory, I claimed it and made a mission on foot across The United States, possible.
Wes P
I continued to expose the lie that has held us hostage in our choices of belief in society. Diving deeper and deeper to bring it to the surface so that i could face it and ultimately overcome it as a hero for the next generation.

Let’s dive right into a few of those songs.

By April 6th 2014 I released Track number 1, I Am One, which reveals that… “I am laser sharp I focus like the zoom on your camera. I threw a snowball and started the revolutionary war the red coats are coming. I am Paul revere on a midnight ride still trucking like an 18 wheeler as the pages turn all the lessons that I’ve learned I have retained the ultimate gift, life! Greatness is doing what they said couldn’t be done. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves and I don’t believe in them. I have an agenda. I am the beginning let there never be an end. Ugh! I share my thoughts with Josh and connect the dots. Experiencing loss was an opportunity to discover the truth of my past, present and future. Channeling my energy and anger in a positive manner I look forward to the legacy I’ll leave behind when I go. Right, wrong or indifferent this is me formally introducing you to who I Am…”

By Christmas 2014 I released, Dancing In The Rain, In which I state…
“I looked at the world and asked myself what does the world need and what does the world want? Two concepts came to mind the first was forgiveness which is the first step towards love and the second was a change. after careful evaluation and looking up and down the streets and everywhere in between i could possibly think of the light bulb when off and it became apparent I was searching in all the wrong places the transparent message that I learned from this is that the change and forgiveness are derived from within us. While I was down on my knees planting seeds the universe was busy watering those needs. I invite you in the discovery of a transformation. Its like I underwent plastic surgery and woke up with a brand new identity much stronger than I’ve ever been consistently searching for the truth I make the transitions accordingly never getting used to the shoes I walk in. You can walk the walk or you can talk the talk you can change the world or you can let the world change you on a time clock. The perception of the eyes are key unlock that door and open up a world of opportunity…”

On Labor Day 2015 I released Scoreboard, which I revealed “The truth is it always comes up missing when we chose to live the life of a superstar in the rap game. Pardon the interruption as it comes to fruition this isn’t a replay This isn’t espn this is espionage at its finest and I am not taking any hostages, so who do we pay homage to?”

By September 2015 I recorded All I Know a track stating “All I know is the truth thus far, if it didn’t come from these lips chances are, it’s a lie… imma bat imma bat imma bat. Weasels will attracted more weasels who will agree with their tongues when they say “he’s lost his mind “ giving me the time of day to take a Journey on the never ending search for the truth. All I know is what we believe that we know we don’t really know and there isn’t any of us who really does!” Furthermore, “The truth hurts and I am not afraid to tell it how it is practicing forgiveness where many of us seek revenge” I continue to add…”The more I grew the more they kept wanting to put a muzzle on him stunting the growth that kept naturally wanting to occur.what is going to happen is going to happen we can take whatever preventable measure of precaution we want before our plans collapse and man grabs his balls and says enough is enough. I never had any other vehicle of my own so this one comes complete with the spoiler and I am on the alert since they don’t listen to me when I speak, the only doing the talking are my feet. And I am wearing a pair of converse each and every step is a conversion and my rate can’t be be beat. I strike anywhere, anytime, anyplace very few matches could go every round. Life is a ring and I hold up like a tire, Atari, Nintendo, X-box and PlayStation. Now tell me what awaits, son…” “I transpire thoughts from an infinite source of inspiration, my heart does the leading my mind does the following, from a heart full of love comes a mind full of endless inspiring thoughts for us to be inspired by this is our time and i grandfather in the clock letting them know what makes us tick and they try and they try to get into our heads and underneath our skin. How can they when they see the face of an individual willing to undergo any measure to figure out fact from fiction discovering the underlying layer of himself facing them taking a stand for the truth they didn’t tell us purposely leaving it out to mislead you and I distract us, misinforming us, brainwashing us, filling us with terror sucking us up through their vacuum cleaners controlling every move that we make influencing our decision making affecting the way that you and I behave how can we allow this to take place? Not on my watch I wind it and I wind it unwinding the hands of corruption punching in with Sicwitit Sticwitit every single day of my life pumping my blood through my veins in every pattern that i decompress pressing out the kinks strengthening my idealism with emotion I cleanse the surface with iodine tightening the turnekit identifying the vein placing my sticker on the skin the asperate giving it a quick poke and that is all he wrote advancing the catheter with every thought consider me an authority and an expert in my field of study professing these words exuding all of this with conviction depleting the system one tier at a time owning my wrongs and owning the ones who didn’t see anything wrong with their behavior and choices choosing ownership as I see and feel fit.”

On Easter Sunday 2015 I released Glock where I vowed to not sleep until we came to closure resting in peace with our sins written throughout history in testimonies on trees with a justice system just as just as the Declaration of Independence And the constitution of the United States of America I’m a thoroughbred and and elusive breed with a crusade of creed that will live for ever long after I am left dead we are all screaming out miserylike our past is owed to us or something one one move and the penitentiary is home to us being A mother and a father is more important than the next narcotic to flip but how many of us actually understand this before our coffins are nailed in or we are incarcerated? Sometimes being lost isn’t lost it all sometimes when you fail it is a reason to stand talI I could challenge us to question our motives and be within reason with all that overcame actively pursuing my destiny no matter the obstacles driven with goals out of passion The out spoken one we look amongst ourselves and forget our strengths falling victim to the streets divided by direction and the color of the flags planning our great escape captivated in the moment indulged by our men and women mad at each other for the all the wrong reasons we all can do better and embrace one another yet we fall short and point the finger figuring we are immortal and invisible to the other all facing baby mama drama while Our baby daddy struggles then who is the victim here?certainly not us but we sure act like it every chance we get our children should be our focus harnessing their growth and development I promise you this we must come together as a unit there’s hope for a culture and it begins in our homes!”

As much as we are in a shift in paradigm and undergoing a culture change so is the rap game and the next generation of rappers will be more conscious as will society. “All I know is the reconstruction of our heritage, take a look around I encourage you to get on the same page as the rest of us.”

I celebrate us all and recognize us all we all have worth, worth giving and seeing given we look beyond our bottom lines and right into our souls. We are all people carrying our own talents and gifts with influential and infinite limitless potential discover it through creation then evolve like evolution revolutionizing the industry you choose to work so diligently in.

However much the rap game was a lie before it can no longer hold any power of you. I expose it to you. For you and By you. No I told you sos from me only a confident man standings responsibilities for turning the direction we are headed around and putting us back on solid ground and in one piece.

Every record bar has sewed my heart back together like a needle and a thread and is going to do the same for you when you open your heart and mind and let the rhythm in like Mentholathium . Music heals and I create it for us only looking to change how it feels and remind us of everything we have forgotten. Enter your name and email address below the red arrow and get three of my most recent singles absolutely, free.