The meaning of I Am One

Hello everyone I want to thank you for tuning into week one of breaking down the meaning of each song on the album. This week we have track number one on the album titled I Am One. You don’t want to miss it because we will be discussing it’s meaning and my motivation in writing the song. Stay with me until the end for details on how to get your there free songs delivered directly to your inbox. Plus be the first to hear everything new with me and my development as an artist.

Now I Am One was created as I became aware that I was connected to everything in the universe both living and unliving. In doing so I felt compelled to write a song about it because I am one with all and so are all of us but I also understand that I am responsible for being honest with myself and I can not force this truth on those of us who are not receptive or willing to accept it yet. In addition I created a bridge within the song aware that I was becoming someone of interest and I was not going to allow anyone to take advantage of that so I made a declarative statement asking folks where they were while I was making my climb to success and if they didn’t want to be a part of the process not to expect to be apart of the result, only I wasn’t that friendly about it. I also go a step further within the song and make several declarative statements speaking praise and blessing over my life understanding that my words would begin to project who I was becoming and who I am. Now too often as people in today’s society we do just the opposite. We speak curses and put downs over our own lives and have a hard time understanding why we receive what we project. In thinking that our thoughts and our words do not have any impact in our lives. Which that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

For an example our minds are like projectors- our words are like the lamp that projects the presentation off the glass of the projector – and our lives are the screens.

Want to see something different? That is a challenge. Should we accept it has its benefits once we do so. Think praises and blessings over your life.

Many of our sicknesses, our negative experiences in life, health, financial can all be prevented. Given and when we choose to begin thinking differently.

To begin this album and as I was writing I Am One my mind was making this transition to begin thinking differently preparing to see a better life.

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