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Rap Lyrics

Rap Lyrics

Have you ever found yourself wondering what goes in to writing a rap song? How do these rappers /artist come up with these rap lyrics? How does one structure a flow of rhymes in a pattern continuously often times without a breath? What goes into each bar and each measure? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself asking yourself these questions or searching for these answers, consider them answered, consider your search at the finish line. Because in this article we will discuss each in detail. By the time you finish reading you will have a greater understanding of each. Should you choose to write a rap song you will be equipped with everything necessary to write some great rap lyrics.

Quick disclaimer. In this article you will not be able to write rap lyrics with any bling-bling, cars you don’t own, a lifestyle you can’t understand beyond the glam. What you will be able to do is write a rap song with lyrics about your life, the one you live, not the one you’re star struck over.

The basic components of a rap song come down to rhyme, melody, flow, time, pattern and structure. Most mainstream rap consist of simple components making up each song. Where as with underground and independent rap/hip Hop lyrics more times then not the components that make up each song are more complexed. Usually to make things more competitive across the market.

Rapper’s/artist and writers come up with the lyrics often right off the top of their heads. Usually just as quick as they are thought of they are written down. When writing the author has to be in a quiet place where he/she can go deep within themselves and express their inner most personal connection with the world view they see.

These authors have to develop a train of thought that allows for a process to continually flow with their intellect. Ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions come over them and they express their inner most personal selves.

Every bar, every measure are structured in free-form. Each artist holding then pen has the ability to choose how to structure a flow of rhymes in a pattern. Careful thought, incredible execution and a timely delivery of each punch line provides a valuable sixteen bars or as some artist who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries many, many more bars to round out a verse. Some would consider the fast flick of the rhythm to be Sicwitit. Others would consider an understandable, sensible, entertaining easy to listen measure enjoyable and suitable for the whole family.

I hope that you have found some value relating to rap lyrics and what’s goes on behind the scenes of writing a rap song.

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