Rap culture and its influence on our youth

Rap Culture

Rap Culture

Rap culture and its influence on our youth.

We are significantly known for our, flashy bling bling lifestyle, big spending attitude, luxury dining, womanizing,drug dealing,violence and our notorious so called original gangster facade. Yes you guessed it rap music and it’s culture. But what you probably don’t know is that it’s all fraud and a lewer to gain the minds and souls of our youth.

In fact many of the wide spread celebrated rappers are either bankrupt, near bankruptcy or maintaining the look by insurance claims and fraud.

Today I want to take us deep into the truth of the culture and propose a solution for a better way forward and provide hope for the culture of rap and tommorrows youth. In order to do so I must present to you a timeline of the culture. Then, now and what the future will look like as we implement my solutions and the solutions of other artist who have joined the movement and developed solutions themselves that will have a positive influence not only on our culture but also the progression of rap.

Rap began in the Bronx with djs spinning turn tables and making announcements in a rythmic fashion followed by rhymes.

Rap quickly went out of hand and spiraled south. Times of fun and partying turn into drugs, violence and womanizing. The culture has had a strong hold on our youth ever since. We celebrate these glamorous lifestyles and the youth without much direction or guidance start looking up to these rappers designed by our criminal justice system to have a significant impact on our youth to continue this paper so called money legal debt tender.

As parents and many of us in society we are completely oblivious and ignorant of this and allow our children to consume this media without any parental guidance or supervision. It’s clear the messages we are delivering in rap are self destructive and our catchy word phrases used over and over again throughout other mainstream media is pointing to mind control, stimulantion and manipulation.

We have got to continue to expose this fearful and evil lifestyle in faith and with love and overcome it’s need to create greed and the love of power.

But how? Be bold in our faith. Stand strong and stand up with our announcements, announcing that we will no longer allow the rap culture to have such negative influence on our youth anymore. Enough is Enough. The rap culture must turn it’s efforts to truth, light and love. Because with these three components rap will resurrect.

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