Lunch with Ernest 3-13-17

I was walking through Milan, NM roughly around 4:00pm when this 5’8 stocky gentlemen walks across the parking lot at Blakes Lotaburger to ask me if I want something to eat. I couldnt turn down a great meal. So i thought why not? As he insisted I go in front of him. He was clean and there werent any red flags that would say whether or not i shouldnt accept his invite. I take off my pack and place in the bench. I put my hand out to shake his and I smelt a tinge of alcohol. Looking from my own spec I dont judge and dismiss it. We both order number ones (their lotaburger combo) and sit down. He proceeds to speak and says he too is a traveling man from Texas camping out not too far from there. We exchange a few words and I start to talk about my message and when he interupts me and tells me he only had 20.00$ and unlike me he cant just stop drinking. Hes tried and relapses everytime he was hoping that by buying me a meal would prevent him from purchasing alcohol tonight. I did the math and after taxes he would have had several dollars remaining. Pleanty to buy alcohol. I dont feel like i did any good in the situation but i hope the few words i got out will help him change his perspective and stop drinking if he continues to choose to like he did tonight. I listen to all he had to say catching something that has changed my perspective forever. All of my life I have helped out most every individual who has asked me during a time of need. He was talking about asking people for money and how it feels when being rejected because the person with the money thinks they are going to buy drugs or alcohol with it, yet he understands no one should be looking beyond their spec to judging anyone. Rather he thinks folks should give money and let the individual know that their is more to life than that and maybe use it as an invitation to welcomely share their faith. I agree understanding a few things about money. Here is why. When dealing with money how we feel directly indicates our ability to continue to have it circulate in our lives. If we judge one based on their use of the money how we feel will change directly impacting our ability to replace it. So thank you Ernest for lunch and more so for your perspective. May God Bless you as you find your road to recovery. What do you think about this perspective? I welcome any thoughts in the manner in the comments. Thank you