The Ultimate Guide On How To Change The World And How To Sustain It So That It Lasts For Generations To Come

The Ultimate Guide On How To Change The World And How To Sustain It So That It Lasts For The Generations To Come.









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Understanding Change………………………………………..
Introduction: Change, Challenge, Champion……………..
What is change?…………………………………………………………
Creating change that lasts…………………………………
Steps to a change:
Introduction: All the rotating and moving pieces
Develop a compelling transformational game plan
Align the transformational game plan with your mission
Center your game plan with a reliable innovative process
Transform Strategically
Design implementation to sustain transformation


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I Show We The People How To Change The World And How To Sustain It So That It Lasts For The Generations To Come.

I am Wes P the President and CEO of Sicwitit Sticwitit Wes P Productions, LLC. I am on a coast to coast promotional tour where I am walking across the United States of America from Santa Monica, California to Long Island Bay side, New York on a walk to remember healing our lineage. It’s a mission to bring people together and to make us whole once again. Let One Mile Represent A Mile In Your Shoes.

Wes P

Understanding How To Change The World–

How To Change The World refers to becoming different, including a change of attitude a change in point of view, a change of beliefs, and most of all a change of heart, the center of becoming different. Change referring to becoming different in a good way. Change for the better. True change. Be driven by change, and be supported by the process and arrive with results. That’s change, change that will last, when the eyes are fixed on the goal and the bigger picture.

This five-step framework to bring out change in your life, is built from the experience of one man’s Journey of continuous change, hope, peace and on a lifetime of healing. It provides insight for each Agent of Change no matter where they are in their Journey, into the supporting process of change, and other critical steps to a more fulfilled and better life.

Imagine a change for the better where you finally begin to heal, learn to identify triggers that will allow you to be on the alert and make the right choice when they take place to ensure change is realized. A change where you begin to feel better and more confident in your ability to break through. Can you do that for me? Close your eyes. What does that look like?

Do you feel like you’re low on energy everything and everyone around you is sucking the life out of you are you frustrated you don’t have the time for the things you love anymore? Are you anxious and jumpy to most situations you find yourself faced with? Are you sleeping long hours waking up feeling drowsy and still tired? Does it feel like life keeps beating you up and you feel defeated and stuck where you are at feeling lifeless and hopeless at times? Does it seem like you can’t kick that addiction you keep talking about and somehow it only lasts long enough to spell out a relapse? Do you feel down in the dumps lately like no one cares about your feelings no one listens to you or understands you or how you feel? When you look at your social media news feed does it look like everyone is doing great in their life and you’re feeling mmh about yours? Do you feel like life is just happening to you and you’re merely just reacting to each situation?

Hear me out here, I understand those feelings all too well I too, have felt them all all too many times before. I remember once being completely down and out having all those feelings, completely indecisive and lacked the ability to make a conscious decision. I couldn’t find the courage to deal with them. I was using drugs, drinking, having meaningless sex, watching pornography, emotional eating, I woke up every morning throwing up until I had one of my fixes, and if one fix wasn’t already bad enough, I had to continuously use throughout the day to hold my stomach. During the night, I’d have night sweats I’d only sleep long enough before I’d have to have my next fix. I didn’t have any energy to do anything productive or worthwhile. My hygiene was neglected. I felt no sense of self or for others. I felt like I was merely existing crying out for some purpose wasting my life away. But here’s what change for me. I learned I was going to become a father. Now the initial shock brought up more feelings and I continued to mask my feelings but I did the best I could to leave that at all in the past and I did it for 30 days only to experience a relapse. Desperately in search of a change the lightbulb went off. I design my own framework to a better life. And that’s when things began to get better and look up for me. My son then 7 months old became a constant reminder of the framework to the better life I had built when I asked myself how am I going to become the change I encourage those around me to be if I myself don’t change. Well that’s all it took. I sent fear a- packing when I left the Mind Alters at the altar of reconstruction. All the feelings I had felt I found a way to turn them into lessons learned on the other side of them and I have only looked back long enough to see how far I’ve came in celebration. My self-esteem my self-worth my confidence and my ability to communicate with others is at an all-time high for me and more and more everyday I feel like I’m coming to my very own. And as my contribution to the world and my gift to you I would love the opportunity to be able to help you develop a strategy and create a playbook that sends you onto a journey of continuous healing so you can be heard rise up and become a more powerful version of yourself, as I have done for me. You will be able to recognize where you stand and how you feel building the framework to a better life. It is crucial in order to bring out change in your life. I’m going to fore warn you though it is going to take a full commitment on your part to keep your eyes forward, focused on the goal and the overall bigger picture. In the framework you will define those. Don’t worry if you’ve never set goals before. Neither had I. I’m going to walk you through developing those step by step.

Introduction: Change, Challenge, Champion

Can we agree change is crucial for our improvement? I challenge you to become the champion of your own life. Inspiring change in others challenging them to become champions of their lives as well and so on and so on. Leading to a world saturated by change agents where the world can associate its progress with a change for the better that we all identify with and agree on. This framework will address the challenge of an agent and we’ll lay out the groundwork for the change, challenge champion model. Much of this framework content is gathered from the life experience and a lessons learned through Siciwitit Sticwitit Wes P Productions, LLC’s President/CEO, Wes P’s life work.
The insights from this leader whose mission is simple–Healing -R- Lineage™–A Mission To Bring People Together And To Make Us Whole Once Again, offers practical advice on making choices that could make the change mission successful where followers without it fall short. This framework uses his words to describe the ideas that will help future agents of change to design their own game plan and choose the right plays to call.

What is change?

In an effort to keep this a practical guide it is useful to start with two basic questions. What is it meant by change? Who will tomorrow’s agents of change be?

What is it meant by change?

A lifestyle transformation dictated by a commitment, communicated through what you do.

Who will be the Agents of change in the future?

Future agents of change will come from all walks of life, any direction, many without any direction at all.

Creating Mission value

If the Agent of Change may come at any time or anywhere what steps should be taken to ensure successful change opt-in? To answer this we must focus on creating mission value. Mission value is created by being of service to the right person at the right time. Who is the right person? When is the right time? The right person and the right time is someone who is going through a trying time in their life when they are at their most vulnerable state. They’re most likely to open up at this time and be open to accepting an invitation to a community of change. Once they opt-in and choose a change it is then likely they will be open to share their story of change with others which is when they become an Agent of Change inspiring others to do the same.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Change The World And How To Sustain It So That It Lasts For Generations  To Come

If you are already striving to lead a better life then you know that many decisions will have to be made to make improvements in order to change. You also know the right decision for you may vary from what is the right decision for anyone else. Do you understand the changes reshaping your life and how often they are emerging? Do you know where are you in the learning process of change? Are you winging it or are you implementing strategies and making the adjustments as necessary? Often the answer to this question involves making tough calls and agents of change will be significantly equipped with a playbook that will drastically improve their chances at a better life when they make a lifelong commitment to it and understand their change is communicated through what they do.

The five major steps on how to change the world:

Develop a compelling transformational game plan

Align the transformational game playing with your mission

Center your game plan with a reliable innovative process

Transform strategically

Design implementation to sustain transformation

The initiation of a change, by its nature, should possess a sense of urgency. Your ability to manage time effectively is an important element in your strategy to change and must be considered above all other factors.

Take charge of yourself and those around you and demand an urgent change is an order and get them all on board pushing it forward.

In order to effectively manage time the Agent of Change must create a compelling change game plan in order to walk through the steps required that will yield to a purposeful change. But the need to develop a compelling game plan becomes especially important when there is an urgent call to action. When the requirement for change is the most obvious, a game plan for change is needed the most to walk step by step through the how and the when action is to be taken. Creating an effective way to communicate the change and motivation for change become more critical.

It will be an interruption but none the less it will be an interruption engagement. As you move through the steps outlined here, you will need to communicate your change. But how? Through what you do.
At each stage who you are interrupting will need attention. Those around you will have strong views about your change initiatives that can be expected to have an impact on their interests and conflict with their beliefs. Often times they will not see an urgent change is in order. You must continue to communicate through which you do stating that case until it is seen and those around you come on board. When urgent change is required everyone you are interrupting will have a stake in major decision making.

Effective leadership of change will anticipate the places where they’ll be natural support and opposition and we’ll choose to be Pro the change and focus on the win-win opportunities. In the age of social media, the need for interaction, and anticipation of stakeholder reactions is becoming more intense each day.

Stakeholder engagement has become an integral part of the process of crafting the change. This leadership process means holding family pow wows, family game nights, and for family gatherings that bring family to the table for discussion developing Solutions to continuously strategically craft your message for change.

You must shape the timing of change deliberately to individualize your transformation plan whether or not your case for change is obvious. There are many moving Parts involved. Are your stakeholders supportive of your process and willing participants? Are you ready to undertake a change now? And what areas will new skills be required under take the change and ability to take charge of it? Leading a successful change requires you to effectively manage the timing of your game plan. Seize your ability to take charge and lead change. Do not lose sight of the imperative to lead change. Balance is essential to sustain change.

The change process encourages others to listen but often stakeholders are bound by the laws and the rules that define the status quo. In the coming days missing resources will be needed to show stakeholders the potential of a change and mission effectiveness seizing your ability to take charge will be essential for communicating the reasons for change.

Choose when to employ your strategy deliberately

You have to create the path for change and when you do those around you will drive the change.

Align the transformational game plan with your mission

To have your best shot at changing the world you need to understand that change depends on you making the connection between your ability to compete your past and your ability to imagine your future with a winning vision. To be an effective Agent of Change and to ensure the integrity of your message you’ll have to make sure change is consistent and that you continuously evaluate where you are and what you can do better aligning change initiatives with a vigorous definition of mission giving you a tool for prioritizing change that matters.

Begin with Mission alignment

Once you establish a clear measure of value you will have a pinpoint for a comparing the efficiency of the effectiveness of your ability to take charge in achieving your goal. This will allow decision-making to being open and consistent. Develop a central metric that is aligned to the mission. How? Begin with the starting point for choosing your path amongst the several improvements that will be required. Every time you make that improvement you have reached a milestone. It is important to celebrate each milestone as it will create motivation to keep on going when times get tough. When creating alignment with mission examine all areas of potential improvement for better overall response which will require for additional skills in the future in order to continue with your commitment of change. Beginning the conversation with the mission in mind is critical framework for reconciling differences of opinion and will provide a point of perspective for finding a creative balance point.

Engage stakeholders at every step

If they’re invested in your change engage with them both early and often for repeat investment

Aligning change in your ability to take charge with mission will help you throughout the process of winning support in finding the ultimate formula for creating mission value with social media a popular hangout for many stakeholders and a critical prime opportunity for engagement. Create a community where you can properly involve and engage each stakeholder for optimal value in every step of your change.

Define mission collaboratively with everyone around you at every turn at every breakthrough crisis– Adjustments will have to be made for the best possible shot at a better life. Meet with everyone around you both early and often and take personal responsibility for leading group meetings continuously aiding to the development of a clear and laser focus mission statement that will give you the best shot at a better life.

Use Mission definition to build shared vision once everyone around you understands a clear, concise, definition of your mission and use it to get everyone onto the same page working together to realize the same vision.

Continuously seeking and giving clarity about mission outlining the clear priorities providing a supportive structure for review and or consideration leading to a decision to be all-in or all-out. It’s your life, it’s your change ultimately it’s your responsibility however are the people around you a part of it or are they not? When leading a better life there isn’t any room for lukewarm influence. Weed out those who are unwilling to move forward by continuously seeking and giving clarity. Those who are unwilling to move forward with you will wean themselves out. Don’t be in such the rush to make an announcement and send send them on their way, they will go on their own or they’ll stick it out and continuously move forward as you walk into a better life.

Make mission personal to those closest to you– Another stakeholder who has responsibility will find the need to define roles and missions consciously. Their solutions for sustaining focus on operating mission is to define individual missions within precision, their investment becomes their sign off on their role and in turn their philosophy will become to focus their efforts on the things that can be measured and improved on, and to concentrate on creating the building blocks of each individual’s mission and role, honoring the operating mission.

Personally lead a change dialog

Shape the details of achieving mission definition with fewer resources. By examining alternative strategies for increasing the mission value – a new approach, rethink productivity hyphen by broadening the conversation you can bring out more ideas for creating mission value in new ways. The change dialog offers an opportunity to discuss creating mission value and gives you the ability to find the optimal balance by focusing on them.

Center your game plan with a reliable innovative process

Bringing out change must rely on an innovative process that can generate imaginative and reliable change and your ability to take charge of it continuously. This is the wagon of change and your innovative process must have the capacity to formulate a new vision for change and your ability to take charge of it which will create the dependable architecture that will allow you and those around you to thrive into a better life. Having a reliable Innovative process will let you center your change and ability to take charge of it in a way that connects traditional mission with the future.

You must create the ability to anticipate the future and a time of disruptive change. Those currently around you right now may encourage you to make only incremental change that will depend on sustaining the current round norm and what is currently acceptable. Yet if the future had a voice it may support disruptive change in favor of past performance.

The idea of innovation is at the heart of a change. By definition a change requires fundamental advances and division of an alternative future, which is the work of innovation.

Create and innovative environment. We create our environment by what we see around us, what we think, and how we feel. Create one that allows for advancement opportunities and take charge of them. Create a value proposition for those around you to adopt The Innovation environment in which you are responsible for. By using your Innovative tools those around you will not have to get creative and use their own and they will be able to accelerate what is and sometimes a cumbersome process.

Be realistic about the speed of change and take charge of it – turn your stakeholders into a “strategic support group.” You must line up a strategic support group. Get folks with similar interests involved and interested. The folks you want are the ones with strong views on the need of action and the type of action that should be taken because when things get tough those will be the folks who will bail you out of your own prison and bail you out on your path of change for a better life. Some strategies may offer better results than other others but are clearly riskier than the others. In almost no case will the new approach be accepted or favored by those in your strategic support group.
When you make comparisons with your newfound strategic support group with the traditional way and the Innovative path, the new route maybe more promising through the long haul but it is almost always less likely to be superior in its infancy.

Judiciously select the moments when radical change is required.

Creating the process for innovation will make it clearer and easier to make decisions about alternative courses of action. Formulate a strategy that will yield your best balanced choice, but also is clear when change cannot be achieved using logic so you can identify with when radical changes are needed to achieve change goals of a better life. When it is necessary to invest in radical change, first identify a strategy using logic. Choosing radical change protects the innovation from becoming isolated and marginalized.

Learn from new open collaboration

Persistence is key here. Overcome cultural resistance to change through being pro-change and continuously stating your case as the vulnerabilities brought out from it identify with the issue and be quick to press the idea. Press, press, and press some more. Don’t ever think you’re pressing too hard or too much or you’ll be walked all over. Who is taking charge of your change and better life for you and those around you? You are! Don’t let them help you forget that! Change is a constant and it becomes your challenge to not to resist it but to embrace it and giving you get this right, those around you won’t have any choice except to follow you. We are programed to be competitive and there isn’t any of us who wants to be the last of the late adapter’s even more so when they transparently see the positive results in your life, whether unexplainable or undeniable.

Change strategically

Change and taking charge of it can be challenging. It’s going to take a lot of continuous strategizing and continuous investment however sticking it out will lead to a better life. knowing when to turn the page and when to delegate responsibility is the essence of creating a strategic approach to change for a better life.

Use best practices to drive change

Continuously focus on the new. Understand your vision and make a commitment you will only accept it. Always choose reaching a new level over control even if you have to trust your strategic support group to make decisions, don’t debate the capacity to reach goals. Ignore the power struggle by retaining control over the resources even then if you fall short of your goals you will receive results which will create room and timing to make adjustments. It’s important to understand a trade-off between the strategic support group and the innovative process.

Assemble your circle of strategic supporters

It’s key to consider in your how to change the world strategy the need to balance the interests of your strategic support group and their processes with the investment in the innovative process. It is always best practice to carefully consider valuable place to invest resources to effect change.

Your highest priority is to bring along your strategic support group without losing the energy vibration and frequency generated by the innovation. The innovation can be the most exciting work, understand your strategic support group at all times and make sure everyone is on board for the best shot at a change and ultimately a better life. The goal here to make collaboration feasible, that way a trade-off between creating new solutions and using logical pathways to implementation is sustainable. it’s important to remember your strategic support group brings a generational memory and and an understanding of how to get things done. Past problems can inform the future. Make sure your strategic support group is not stuck in their way of doing things and thinking. Building opportunities for continual collaboration and education is both essential and key when structuring your strategic support group.

Design implementation to sustain change

Decide on the tactics that will give you the best shot at a change and a better life. Collaborate with those around you and once you do so what you will find will be crucial to the implementation challenges to change and your ability to take charge of it. Recognize the inevitable obstacles, list out what is you have to do to bypass the normal would be obstacles, propose yourself in a position beyond them by aligning with it and you’ll have your best shot at a change walking into a better life. Use feedback to continuously make improvements but do not confuse this with allowing feedback to influence or drive decision-making.

Design sustainable change and take charge of it from the start–

Build an implementation plan when you are most inspired on how to change the world.

Recognize the cross boundary challenges. Others around you will have boundaries as well it is up to you to respect those given you want them to follow your example. It’s up to you to recognize that this would subject your change objectives and ability to take charge of them to contingency pressures and growing complexity that will come from new directions and will confront you with new agendas.

Sustain change with review anchored by Mission. Anchor the discussions and collaborations you have with those around you with a rigorous understanding of your mission and how to create value around it. It is critical to your ability to make the necessary adjustments. Find strategies that sustain change. I cannot repeat that enough to make it completely clear. Create a list of both change objectives and you will continuously become more conscious of what is required in order to sustain the change.

Build ties to the change- continuously create thought-provoking and motivation to decision-making among strategic support group to become more and more open to your ideas and how to implement them leveraging more and more space where it changes welcome and can undergo thoroughly. This is critical to your best shot at bringing out change in your life and walking into a better life.

Build a contingency for innovation– Create an open innovation process as a vehicle for understanding the views of contingencies and encouraging interaction amongst those around you in collaboration everyone around you is going to have a contingency within a contingency as more and more of those around you become engaged in the process of decision-making when what they do becomes increasingly transparent.

Get those around you excited about the innovation process. You will face the challenge of them stuck in their beliefs, stuck in their way of doing things and it’s up to you to overcome those by being of service to them and winning them over by your service to them all the while not compromising your choice to change and the objectives you have to do so and in turn they will come to admire your dedication to do whatever it takes ultimately winning them in and winning them over as they become excited about your innovative process to bring out change and to create a better life. All the while gaining the leverage required to sustain change over and over and over again understanding how they are influenced in continuously find new ways and improve on current benefits of change and a better life and present them to them in ways that are influenced every step of the journey which is crucial that you bring them along for it change that last and also only provides for a better life not only for you but for them as well.

Final notes: How To Change The World And How To Sustain It So That It Lasts –

1.)What does change look like and what does a better life mean to you?

2.) Understand the type of learner you are an draw out the change and the better life and record it in either pictures sound or something you can continuously pick up hold feel taste smell and grasp what it is you are working towards

3.) Make a commitment to it, to yourself and to all that you love commit that you will only accept it

4.) Find an accountability partner or trust in a strategic one who will be open to hearing your thoughts and ideas and be careful the right one tells you the truth not what you want to hear. No response is often the best response it either requires us to think deeper or to develop an understanding for self which is all always the hardest thing to do but also the best for us because it is in these moments we make our most lasting breakthroughs

5.) Continuously identify evaluate address and make improvements follow-up and follow-through and remember communication is key when everyone is on the same page it turns smoothly

6.) Set goals–how? Think big and think smart
Be specific
Make it Measurable
Action oriented–list all the things you have to do in order to reach your goals beginning right now, write down 3 short term goals, write down what it is going to take initially to begin working towards them, write down three long term goals if everyone around you agrees that you can do it, they are probably not big enough, think bigger. Write the three milestones you will have to reach to ensure you are on the right path to obtain them and write a time frame for each. Do that now.
Realistic–Know yourself understand it may take time, it’s going to take the proper preparation, education or training. Executing to early may result in failure but don’t be afraid to, this is how initially you will learn what training and education is necessary to be prepared.
Time-based–Its okay to dream connect a time frame to it and it becomes a goal.

Today you have discovered how to change the world.

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Change The World And How To Sustain It So That It Lasts For Generations To Come