What is Hip Hop?


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What is hip-hop?

Hip-hop is a collective of relative expressive arts and entertainment made up of five elements. B- boying – dJing – mc-ing – graffiti and knowledge. Knowledge which consists of culture and understanding.

One of the greatest things about hip-hop is creation. As with any creation hip-Hop in all of its elements candy created. The process when remained focus on the bigger picture is indescribable. Most who can remember who they are and where they come from throughout the process find themselves creating a love story. A love story of Truth compassion and understanding for their people. Many who have stayed true to themselves throughout their Journeys back to their communities who have made them who they are. A common misconception today about Hip-Hop is that it is often a self-centered promotion of the use and distribution of narcotics sex violence in criminal Behavior. Which if we are not at all careful we will fall for these traps and become a part of them participating in entertaining each. As did I, in the earliest steps of my journey. One of the things most of us don’t understand about Hip-Hop is that it has a very keen way understanding who its students are and will always bring them back to their understanding or who they truly are. No no matter how far off course they may get or how close to the edge they may near a true student of Hip-Hop will always be redirected to their path.

When the five elements of hip-hop are broken down by men or women things can easily get out of hand. As they have done in every way imaginable for men and women 4 years. We are people complex and understanding, we all come from different walks of life, we have all had our fair share if you need challenges and circumstances that we have each faced. It is easy to get distracted with all the mediums and platforms and distractions available to us today. As Time advances there will be more advancements and we will always put our own unique spin on things and if we are not at all careful things can get out of hand and are easy to do. However it is still up to us to recognize when things are out of hand and it do something about it. For me that came in the form of Hip Hop. As I Grew more and more into a student of Hip Hop I came to understand and became aware of how far things had gotten out of hand in hip-hop since its introduction in the South Bronx of New York City back in the 1970s. And I had a moment of truth. Contribute to the f****** we all hate yet praise and worship, or do something about it. Did I continue with the f****** at times? Yes often. More often than I care to remember but I have learned to honor it and live without any regrets. I had already made the decision to do something about it. But how? The f****** was bigger than hip-hop. I asked myself this question many times before I realized it was me who had to change. When I started getting honest with myself and developed a sane understanding of where I had been in life and the man I have become as a result of it. Yet I wasn’t anywhere near ready to make any sudden moves towards it. Even though I had. Looking back in hindsight it was the right move. It was me nailing the door shut and throwing away the key on any other opportunities in life comma but the one I had created. Become the Yoda and master Jedi of all of Hip-Hop. Many may ask an MC how he does it all. All by myself strategically is the only way to answer that question by activating my intelligence and having a keen awareness and understanding of the world around me. But Wes I get that but how you don’t have a DJ -you don’t have an any original dance move -you don’t have a can of spray paint and you aren’t tagging up Bridges public benches or defacing public property. Let me get out in front of those and eliminate all misconceptions now first off to begin this reading I mentioned that one of the greatest things about hip-hop is the creation process I understand the five elements of hip-hop have to be understood to become the Yoda and master Jedi i Hip-hop so I have created and developed enough of an understanding of each to become each as a carefully draw out in the music. So I am my own DJ-I have put my own music into rotation in college radios across the country. I have turned the tables on all of my rivals and brought us together. Strategically planting seeds of understanding in their subconscious that are now being manifested in their lives. Okay. but where is that can of spray paint Wes p you Wicked graffiti artist and where can we find some of your work? I am a painter by day and I’m a Healer by trade. One of the most compelling things of being an MC is the ability to manifest what is required in your life. So a lot of the decision making to do something about hip-hop being out of hand and the f*****y going on in it has given me an understanding of all the seven colors of the rainbow and I decided that the best way forward was going to be be painting all 7 colors of the rainbow and by sharing those lessons that I learned along the way in my music. OK Wes p I can see where you’re coming from now but what about b-boying where are those dance moves at. It’s called wait for it wait for it the seizure boy. So the way that it works is you get a group of people together in a circle getting ready to laugh their asses off because that’s what’s going to happen if you’re inside of a circle of people standing up and shaking your body appearing to have an epileptic seizure as your whole body is shaking standing up. Just kidding I don’t recommend that at all. And yes I’ve done it myself in the past but it is not at all a part of the movement only a part of the story that I honor. Anyhow my dance move is walking. Walking the walk. A Walk to Remember is my March Madness. My big dance. For years I went around the Phoenix area gaining understanding of people’s needs concerns and pains or being a pain in the ass depending on who you’re talking to laughing out loud anyhow all the while I was promoting the idea of a Coast 2 Coast promotional tour by foot. What were their reactions? Many people laughed at me, it was hard for them to take me seriously because most folks quite frankly thought I was nuts absolutely out of my mind. However if you ask any one of my employers at the time I’m confident their response would be somewhere in the ballpark of that I consistently drove value into their business models, often in the form of profit. All though it would be much different for the people who knew me because they knew when I get an itch up my back, I scratch it. Most people fueled with rage by their opinions we’re often angry with me because I had my mind set on something and it usually wasn’t what they wanted me to have My Mind Set On in that moment. Still I had a plan to work and I knew it wasn’t going to work itself and it also knew I wasn’t going to be told what to do forever. I always knew I’d come to a place where I wouldn’t have an Human being to answer to. And quite frankly that scares folks who are used to telling people what to do and who are used to getting told what to do. Still you couldn’t change my mind for longer than five minutes if you tried. I even tried to conform to others at times but my back door was already shut and locked and there wasn’t any key to unlock it no matter how many times someone tried creating a key the key just didn’t fit or turn it. By day I worked to build the life of my dreams and by night I worked on the life of my dreams. I hardly slept not because I had insomnia or I wasn’t tired but because I was inspired to work on the life of my dreams. I had just busted my ass off at my “day job” not to rest when I got home but to work again on my “real job” and I never complained about being tired the next day when I averaged less than 4 hours of sleep on any given night, often less. I had a job to do and I already knew it was up to me to show up and complete it no matter how I felt. OK Wes P you’re starting to make some sense here but what kind of knowledge of the culture or understanding of wisdom that do you have that can’t be found anywhere else? That’s the best question so far. The only way to answer that is, I don’t really know what I know and all I know is what we believe that we know we don’t really know and there isn’t any of us who really does. If you didn’t think I knew my way around Hip Hop now you know 5 things I do know about Hip Hop.

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