Halfway across New Mexico

I am halfway across the state and New Mexico is treating me well. Well, where should I start? Interviews have picked up, shows have picked up and the amount of people I am meeting and making great connections with is picking up. Since the early morning that I crossed into New Mexico I undoubtedly knew I was in The Land of Enchantment. The mountains are absolutely beautiful. I learned why they call the Sandias a watermelon. Just as the sun goes down the quartz in the rock turns pink. And someone sometime ago decided they looked like watermelons. The architecture, the landscape it all. I understand now why New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment. Its stunning. From the mountains down to the plains throughout new mexico you can find beautiful pieces of art. In Gallup I was interviewed by The Gallup Independent and the reporter was fresh out of college. She came prepared with a great set of questions, ready for my responses. I have increased my stage time making great connections. In Grants, NM I met a gal at the dennys there studying business who has plans of opening her own business someday. In Mesita I met the Gregory’s who were kind enough to take me in for the night and shower me with their kindness. One of their friends had seen me walking outside of Grants then I walked right by their house and they wave me over. We all gathered outside for a few hours and got to know eachother before we went inside. They offered me a shower and a place to sleep. The next day we watched a movie before I packed up and headed out. I enjoyed albuquerque. I did an open mic on the North East side at Lizard Tail Brewery. I also met a gentleman by the name of Ty Jameson there of Zia State Pest Control. He offered me a place to stay as I made my way through Albuquerque. He introduced me to his roommate Dr.Dave Ruther. Dave is an acupuncturist about to open his open practice. Dave guided me to so many realizations about my health during out conversations. He also reccommended several vitamins he believes are benificial to my health while on this journey. He was even kind enough to send me on my way with half of my front pack full of the essentials and I began taking them and already can tell a difference. Thanks again Dave and best wishes to you with opening your practice. Outside of Albuquerque is a small town called Tijera’s Nm. Where I added Molly’s bar to my rolodex. Which is debateable because its a biker bar and it usually does hardcore rock. I also met Rusty here. Rusty is an amazing young man. One who doesnt quite know his own beauty and how unique of an individual he really is. He has had an impact in a lot of lives and continues to do so. May God Bless You Rusty. My thoughts and my love to you and your lovely wife. In my high school gymnasium I first saw a quote that I try to remember when things seem like they could go south and it isnt long before they start going north again. “The best is yet to come.” hopefully this quote will help you as its done me and along with your faith I pray you find the strength you need to overcome this storm and that you receive good news regarding a recent letter you wrote. Well thats about how halfway across New Mexico has been for me. Treating me good every step and every mile of the way making sure you are never forgotten. Til next time. I continue to ask “Let one mile, represent a mile in your shoes”.