Entry 3-16-17

Today I was walking through New Pueblo, New Mexico when i became low on water. This is where i met long time local Kenneth Day. I approach his car where he was sitting waiting for his sons bus to drop him off. I ask him if there were any stores close that it was time to refil my camelback. He assured me there was one about three miles up the road. Anyhow we start talking and I proceed to tell him my story when he after a few words he jumps in and proceeds to tell me his. I was all ears. All i did was listen. As it turns out kenneth has an ultra distance trek under his belt. In his younger days he walked 90 miles one way with only a fishing pole on a getaway to the mountains with a lake. He ate what he caught and lived truly off the land. His brother visited him on the weekend and offered him a ride home yet he turned it down due to the fact he was committed to walking both sets of 90 mile stretches to the mountains with the lake. Which he successfuly finished. He continues to tell me fighting off the tears that he has always wanted to do a longer trek but he hurt his back some time ago and his bones just arent the same. He must have went in circles repeating the same thing a half of dozen times and I was to intrigued to do anything but listen. Finally he stops talking and I told him a little more about my story. Again he comes back in and i pause to listen and i hear him say he wishes he could go on a longer trek. I proceeded to tell ken “Let one mile represent a mile in your shoes”…You’re going on a longer trek now because you will be with me in spirit all the rest of the way to New York. He proceeded to thank me and asked me if I would drop him a line when i make it and wouldnt you know it, i am going to do just that. We quickly exchange contact info. I am not sure who is looking forward to the phone call more, Kenneth or Me. Have any of you ever experienced anything like this in your life where you could do something for someone who couldnt do it? Whether in memory, spirt or what have you? Drop in the comments I want to know how often this kind of thing happens.