Day 444-Taking a Zero Day to Rest My Toe

Today I clocked Zero miles to overcome a cut on the bottom of my my middle toe on my right foot. All Lives Matter and yes this includes mine. Let One Mile Represent A Mile In Your Shoes.

Anyhow I woke up to the sound of tractors and dump trucks. I pitched my tent near a construction site.

I walked to WalMart to figure out my day and eventually decided my foot would require some rest.

It has a nice hash on the bottom of my middle toe and I have only been able to walk on it the last 50 miles or so by walking short intervals with many breaks.

Usually once I get going and find my rythym it is okay it’s only when I stop I start hopping on it and at times don’t know if can go on. For the most part I do though.

Well today I decided it was best to rest it. Its getting to the point all my toes are white around it and it is purple by the last part of the day. Not a good sign. Anyhow resting it is the remedy.

I am sitting inside of the subway at the Walmart here in Springfield, MO and allowing myself the freedom to be completely present and at peace in this moment.

Its getting to be meal time for me and tonight Ramen Noodles and Tuna Fish are on the menu. So I Am going to sign off with that and wish you all a blessed day.

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