Can music heal you?

Can music heal you?

Using music to heal really is the only way to get to the bottom of any psychological or emotional trauma because music is so powerful it touches on each one of our senses holding us back this is why Bob Marley said “one thing about good music is when it hits you you feel no pain.”

When we listen to music our brain releases dopamine which is a natural chemical that makes us feel better. It is a crucial sense of being for our central nervous system it has effects on your emotions the way you look at the world and what takes place in your life.

Happy lyrics help us to be positive and be happy think Pharrell’s “Happy” song.

Music is uplifting and it brings our moods up it also reduces our fears, our worries and our anxieties. It can also motivate us to take action.

Peace can be achieved when our fears and worries are harmonized with sound.

Music physically heals. It was proven by an acupuncturist and musician Fabian Maman when his extensive research showed that human blood cells in response to sound frequencies change their color and shape. His work demonstrated that sick or rogue cells could be healed with the production of sound.

Pete Seeger song writer of “this land is your land” said this he said that this machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender he threw the gauntlet and we knew that music could heal.

As a musician myself I have experienced healing in every area of my life as a result of how powerful music therapy is and is going to do the same for you let in like mithelanium.

When done right music has the power to influence people and change them for the better, especially the younger generation.

Music has been used for therapy and healing for centuries. In fact long before we ever talked about how much money we had how many women we pulled at the club last night or who smokes the most weed in music music was used to heal us and provided us with therapy. I want to take us back there because quite frankly the Pharmaceuticals we are using today aren’t as effective and honestly they treat the symptom not the process.

Let me put it into perspective for you. Let’s take water for an example and let’s imagine over a period of time it’s developed E coli bacteria and fluoride and they all begin with the single organism.
Let’s say we treat the water with a water filter. Do water filters have the capacity to make the water drinkable? A step further if you filter the water would you drink it? E coli bacteria and fluoride are made up of multiple organisms. Some that we don’t even have enough information to diagnose what we’re treating. But we let profit become our motive so when turning a profit that filter is the Holy Bible and no one really questions it that’s what I mean we treat the symptom not the process and think we’re going to heaven.

So if there was any question in your mind before if music can heal you I hope I have given you enough information to consider it so.

Today I have answered your question-

Can music heal you?

Yes it can.

Dale Carnegie, Author of “Stop Worrying and Start Living.” Said knowledge isn’t power until it is applied so now that you know that music can heal you, maybe you should try doing something about it, eliminate the guesswork music heals when you let it enter your name and email address to begin feeling better, to aim higher and to experience growth that is manifest in your life empowering your inner motivation in order to reach your goals. When you download the free samples to the key ingredients to the change you’ve been looking for.