Applying my own advice 6-11-17

This morning I woke up at approximately 0600/hours. I laid there for a few minutes before I got straight up to start my today. I packed up my gear and headed out. Oh no. I forgot my external battery pack charging back at the warehouse I camped out near. I jogged back to grab before catching back up with my stroller. Hit the Walmart got a few supplies and immediately went to the McDonald’s across the street to attack the planning of my week. Yes! .99 cent hot n spicy. They were not existant in #texasmcdonalds thank you #okcmcdonalds. Any how. I got focused and zeroed in on a planned week. Earlier this week while making small talk with y’all In a live video off the top of my head I blurted out start your week on Sunday if you’re going to finish great on Friday. I followed my own advice. What took nearly all day is now finished. My week is planned. With the launch of my #jumpstarter #motivational YouTube channel I am both excited and feeling great that the activities I participated in today will manifest into an feeling of accomplishment. I got off to a great start experienced a small hiccup made the necessary adjustments and kept going and now week is planned out. I am celebrating this victory because I am learning to respond to the activators of my reward system in my mind as the necessary dopamine is being released to feel healthy and in control of the direction of my future and my families future given that I can continue to repeat today’s activities week in and week out every week as i continue on my coast to coast promotional tour where I am walking across the United States of America from Santa Monica, California to Long Island Bayside, NY on #awalk2remember #healingourlineage. A mission of bringing people together and making us whole once again. Let One Mile Represent A Mile In Your Shoes. Now it’s off to an actual #dinner #meal here in #Oklahomacity. Have a great night every one. Thank you all for bearing with me as I find my way in this world and thank you all for being a part of it every step of the way. You’re the real winners.