Across the palms of California and through the desert and mountains of Arizona

2 States in and I’ve already faced many challenges that I have ultimately been able to overcome. I began my trek back on February 29th 2016. You couldn’t discourage me and you couldn’t get me to Stand Down. My mind was already in New York. I had made it to Indio, California in just under 3 weeks when I received a voicemail from my aunt who graciously stepped in and decided if there was no stopping me it was best if we make other arrangements for my kids to stay with her. I listened to the voicemail and figuratively speaking my heart dropped. I seriously cried before I wiped back the tears and immediately called her back. She had confirmed with me that the kids grant for daycare had been expelled. I then proceeded as any halfway decent dad would do and I called a cab to give me a ride to the Greyhound station. I caught the first bus right back into Phoenix the next morning. Two days later I made a decision to learn some more marketing skills and make some money while doing it. That kept the kids at school for a brief period Of time until once again the grant was expelled. Everything kept telling me I was supposed to be back on the road but how? Now I faced the dillema of no daycare no school grant and i was going to have to get really creative to come up with the funds to keep them in school. Then my mom and dad came to Phoenix to pick some things up and we spoke and as it turns out they had already decided they would step in and help out with the youngest. which left me to decide what to do with my eldest when my aunt once again agreed two step in given that there wasnt any stopping me. the next day I was on the greyhound headed back to Indio, CA then proceeded to catch the local transit bus back to the same location i left off at still committed to every mile. I couldnt have made it back to Phoenix any sooner as i stepped on the gas and spent a few weeks with my kids and celebrated with my Dad at his HS homecoming before taking my eldest trick or treating. The very next day I was off again taking the long way around to Holbrook Arizona. I went through Prescott Arizona where I stayed with my T-ma aunt and uncle for a couple of days period. Which is where i met trail angel Gail “Chosen” Lowe a bright woman who i will never forget. She managed to convince me that i had it all wrong for a trek across the country. Committing herself to straigtening me out properly. Did she ever. She even gifted me several of her supplies including her pack, one with many successful journeys behind it. Then i proceeded out of prescott and into Paulden, AZ where i stayed with her friends Steve and Penny who were unsure of the pot roast thinking i could be vegetarian. Boy was that a delicious pot roast. I had several bowls before we exchanged conversation. Thanks again Steve and Penny. I made my way from Paulden up to I 40 in Ashfork where an anonumos citizen bought my dinner at a local bbq pit. From there i went to Williams and then onto Belmont where i stayed with my cousin Phil. I was showered in moments followed by some great pizza and some long over due catching up. Thanks again Phil for everything. The next day i headed into flagstaff where i had to stop and watch the cowboys pick up anotheer win. From there i made my way into Winslow where i had Thanksgiving dinner with my HS wrestling coach Dan Tafoya and family watching the cowboys scratch up another win. The next day i set off only to not get far finding my way back into town where i stop to grab a bite to eat at the dennys when the waitress (Chelsea) asks me about my journey. She then decides to pay for my meal and i ask her for he facebook and it turns out we have a common friend. But who? All i know is coach Tafoya within miles. Turns out they are cousins. Small world. I know, right!?! The next day i move on as Coach Tafoya has plans. I finaly make it through and out of Winslow when i start to notice my body isnt in harmony in its entirety. I would often find myself back each evening at the pilot. Which is where i met trail angels Mary and Daniel Burns. They literally have become an invalueable presence on my journey even gifting me a resource uncomepareable to anyother with such journey. As as always Thank ypu Mary and Dan. I was slow to progress eventually getting to Holbrook. Where i knew for sure something wasnt right. Turns out i had to go to Show Low for the closest Urgent Care to get meds. A good friend of the family from Show Low came to get me, Glenn and then i rested for a couple more days at Clints and Heathers before Heather was kind enough to drive me back to Holbrook. Not really getting back to 100% i accept it as a sign to go spend Christmas at home so I catch a ride into Phoenix. I spent Christmas with the family and carefuly focused on fine tuning my marketing mix behaviors before getting on the greyhound in late february and returning to Holbrook. Two days later I find myself at the psinted desert indian center where the owners offer me the guest house. (Best 2.00 hotel ever. Spent it on gatorade.) they then proceeded to bring a plate full of pizza to top it off. From there i made my way past the Petrified Forest and on down to Sanders where i had to walk across a river to cget across it and continue on my way. Bo big deal but needless to say my new nike waffles wont so new anymore lol. From there i made it to Lupton where i ate half a navajo taco which is much larger and more filling then any taco bell burrito. Overall i had quite the adventure and a blast making my way through california and arizona.