923 miles in and I’ve hit a new milestone

923 miles in and I have hit a new milestone. Yesterday evening I walked into Albuqurque, NM and what realization of walking across the great southwest hadnt sunk in finally sunk in. I understood justice would be costly, but i may have underestimated it, slightly. Redemption is full of twists and turns I was well prepared for still there are some that are beyond understanding and I have learned to accept that. The overwhelming ammount of love I have received yet never anticipated is humbling. For the six years I had planned and strategize this campaign i never immagined for a moment i couldnt do it but with 923 miles in I realize i will probably face a couple unexpected events but for the most part i know i can do it. Im at the point where the milage i do everyday is all a part of reaching my goals. The first few weeks were the most challenging. Now ive learned to embrace every mile and the vision becomes clearer and clearer everyday. Ive met a lot of cool exciting and for the most part loving people wanting to do their part in making a difference in the world. Ive climbed mountains that seemed impossible to locals. Ive survived streches of miles including in the desert without much water and just when i thought how on earth am i going to make it another mile without water i have met people who have offered me water amd ive came across both gallons and bottles of water just as if they had fallen out of the sky for this stubborn heart. I have seen many wild animals. I most especially enjoy seeing the mustangs often they are too quick to get a good picture of them. I have met people looking for where they belong in this world. In williams Az i met the Church of us. They are a group of guys who walked across America sharing the message of Jesus. I have seen hundreds of byciclists riding the old route 66, onr was an engineer from England. People call it luck wishing me nothing but good in front of me and while i am ever so grateful its the kindness and generosity people show me through the favor of God that really allows me to understand that the movement is converting well. Its always great to reach a milestone its even better when many are right along there with you to experience it to. Here is to you. Thank you!