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Wes PFrank Mengler–“Wes P is an extremely driven and passionate young man who never gives up on his dreams. His interests are diverse and deeply rooted in his determination to succeed and make a difference in this world. Wes P cares about his fellow men individually as well as the society at large. He is inspirational in his tenacity. I enjoyed working with him immensely! His love for working in the community was infectious! I would highly recommend Wes P for any endeavor that he has set his mind to! Feel free to contact me at 480-254-6993 for a personal reference.”

Joshua Ybarra – “Wes P has evolved. His music is never stale and full of surprises. I enjoyed his first album, his second one requires more attention, but it is worth it after hearing it. He is a poet who preaches about real things, real situations, and real life that others (rappers) just don’t seem to express. He does it with ease. His new album is like a book full of characters, situations and lessons learned. We all can take something away from it.”

Dano Jones – “Keep going my brother you are an inspiration to all of humanity you have definitely set the life bar higher and that’s magnificent I wish you many moments of happiness and none of defeats.”

I am Wes P the President and CEO of Sicwitit Sticwitit Wes P Productions, LLC. I am on a coast to coast promotional tour by foot introducing “I Am That, I Am For The People By The People.” Its a therapeutic musical collection of sound medicine and the step-by-step process to change. With over 5 hours of all original content this boxset to collect is the longest album ever created. Experience Hope, Peace and Healing while I validate We The People’s existence walking across The United States of America from Santa Monica, California to Long Island Bayside, New York on #awalk2remember Healing Our Lineage. Its a mission to bring people together and to make us whole once again. Let One Mile Represent A Mile In Your Shoes. As I make my way through your city, stepping forward as a man Responsible for turning the direction we are headed around and putting us back on solid ground.

I am committed to providing you a music listening experience like never before.

For a limited time I am giving away three of my most recent singles free. All you have to do is enter your name and email address below the red arrow and you will immediately be sent the download link to the free tracks.

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